The experience of serving a drink requires giving something of ourselves. In that precise moment personal experiences, beliefs, feelings, & technical knowledge come together in a single glass with a specific purpose and an honest intention.
There is a business side to serving drinks which is crucial to promote sales; along this there is also an enjoyment approach appreciated by bon vivants.
The point at which these experiences, knowledge, beliefs and & techniques meet, as much ephimeral as it may be, lasts forever.
I believe that positive intentions are as important as the quality of the ingredients & together they make a whole.
Lucas Ranzuglia is also a Landscape & Horticultural Design specialist. He utilizes his unique expertise to design attractive and functional landscapes tailored to the needs of your business. His landscapes or edible gardens are conceptual as well as complementary to any menu.
Be my guest.
...Lucas proved to be a significant and reliable member of the bar team, showing unbridled passion and flair for drinks creation and knowledge.
He also displayed his significant experience
through superb customer service and maturity.
Throughout his stay he became friends with several members of staff and obviously reveled in the social scene that London provides.
Kevin Armstrong
London Best bartender 2005
Ex-Match Bar Group Bar Manager UK
Lucas Ranzuglia